Frequently Asked Questions


What currency is your prices?

All my prices are in USD, please let me know if you are located Canada and would like to be charged in CAD.


How much ribbon should I order for my bouquet?

It really depends on preference, you can get away with just one 5 ft strand per bouquet but if you are wanting more volume I would recommend 10-15ft per bouquet.

Does the ribbon come in a continuous strands?

Each strand of ribbon is 5ft in length.

The colour of my ribbon is not the same as the listing photo.

Please note, that the photographs are edited to match the ribbon colour as close as we can to the actual ribbon colour, unfortunately due to the wide variety of computer screens, colours will look different from screen to screen. I recommend ordering a sample before making a large order.

Do you accept returns?

At this time we do not accept any returns, please make sure everything is correct before ordering.

Vow Books

Can you make a custom vow book for me?

I sure can! I take a limit amount of custom orders depending on the season, to find out more information please contact me at

Are the interior pages lined?

Some are, some aren’t it depends on the book you choose. You can find out if the vow book you are interested is lined or not inside the listing.

Do you accept returns?

At this time we do not accept any returns, please make sure everything is correct before ordering.

Semi-Custom Invitations

What are semi-custom invitations?

Semi-custom invitations are pre-designed invitation templates that allow the client to customize certain elements of the overall invitation. The client will also have the chance to choose the printing method, colour choices, wording, and paper. 

Do the invitations come assembled?

No, the invitations do not come assembled. If you would like the invitations to be assembled, you must purchase that as an add-on service.

Do you accept rush orders?

Yes, we accept rush orders on a case by case basis. Please contact us as soon as possible with your order and your desired date. We will get back to you to let you know if it is possible or not. Please note, a 25-50% premium will be applied to the order depending on the level of priority required.

Can the invitations be letterpressed or foil stamped?

Yes, we can letterpress and foil stamp semi-custom invitations. Our website only states the pricing for the digital printing process, so please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with a quote within 1-4 business days.

Can the typeface, colour or arrangement be edited?

We have curated the semi-custom suites to fit a variety of different styles. If you don't find one that is perfect for your special day, please reach out to us with about your request to change the design. There will be a design fee involved in changing the font and colours.  

I already ordered my invitations, but didn't order enough, can I add more?

Yes, you definitely can. Please reach out to use as soon as possible with the number of additional invitations you require. Please note that a set-up fee of $50 will be applied for printing additional invitations after the initial order has been printed. If you make this request early enough in the process extra fees may not apply depending on the paper stock available at the time

Is there minimum/maximum order quantity for INVITATIONS I can order online? 

Currently, the minimum order for semi-custom invitations is 20 and the maximum is 200. If you are needing more than 200 invitations, please contact us as soon as possible with the quantity that is required.