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Our Vows

Signature Vow Book Collection


Hi I’m Jenna, I am the artist and designer behind Our Vows.

I create wedding stationery, vow books and hand-dyed vegan ribbon in my small studio in Coquitlam. B.C.

Some say I have an elegant style but with a vintage flare.

My favourite days are the days I get to print on my vintage printing press. Those days go by in a flash.


Featured NEW Products

Luxury REcycled vow books & Vegan Chiffon Ribbon


REcycled Vow Books

Vow books are the perfect keepsake for cherishing your promises to one another. They will photograph amazingly on your wedding day and will keep your vows safe for years to come. These vow books are made from 100% recycled paper and card stock.

Vegan Ribbon

Our chiffon ribbon is hand-torn and hand-dyed with our special formulas. We made a conscious decision to choose vegan fabrics for our high quality ribbon over silk. We believe that no animals should have to suffer in order to make your wedding day the wedding of your dreams.


our mission

Our Vows is a luxury stationery and hand-dyed ribbon company that focuses on creating ethical products.


 New Products Coming Soon