Boho Letterpress Vow Books

Boho Letterpress Vow Books

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These vows warm booklets are pressed on my 60+ year old printing press on 100% cotton handmade paper (150 gsm). The calligraphy is made from my own handwriting, so no fonts were used. Inside, there are 12 sheets (front and back) of paper inside the vows booklets. The pages can be removed if there are too many. The paper inside is an off-white colour and is 65lb in weight.

Booklet sizes: Approx 4x6

Ink Colour: Tan

Paper: Cover paper is 100% recycled handmade paper made from cotton rags. Off-White. 150gsm. Inside the paper is cardstock. White. 65lb.

Singles come with one booklet and set come with two booklets.

All letterpress books cannot be customized.

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His Vow Book: Ivory Ribbon // Her Vow Book: Sand Ribbon